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Pickup or Delivery

We are located in East Central Illinois just off Interstate 57 less than a 3 hour drive from North Chicago, St Louis, and Indianapolis. Many of our customers elect to pick up their furniture with a pickup or borrowed small trailer. This is the most economical method. If you choose to pick up, just remember to bring plenty of padding. Blankets, old quilts, whatever. You can't bring too many. We will help you load and pack of course, just arrange for help on the home front.

The Woodloft currently doesn't do delivery itself.  We do however, have contact with numerous delivery people around the Arthur area that can deliver your custom furniture to you.  Pricing on this varies depending on size of load and other deliveries coming to your area.  Usually you can figure your price by taking the mileage one way to your house and multiplying it by the current price of gas.  This is usually the highest you will pay for delivery.  If the delivery truck is coming to your area with other items then the price will be split among all of the loads on the truck at the time.

We also now have access to a delivery service that offers delivery throughout the United States.  They will pack (blanket and/or crate) your piece of custom Amish made furniture and deliver it right to your door.  This can be a pricy endeavor though depending on distance.

Job completion/delivery scheduling is a bit of an inexact science since your items will be custom Amish crafted and not just pulled from stock somewhere. We can give you an expected completion date when you place your order, but please remember that with the Amish buildersthat we deal with, other factors such as family, neighbors, and church things do come first and sometimes alter our schedules. We won't call you to schedule delivery until we have your items in hand and have checked them over. We try to get it right the first time.