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The Woodloft is downtown Arthur's largest showroom of locally Amish custom crafted furniture.   We strive to bring the customer the best selection of high quality furniture in their choice of styles, solid woods, and stains.  We offer a numerous selection of of styles including Mission, Craftsman, Stickley, Country, Southern, Queen Anne and many more.  Please fill out the form below to help us provide you with the service and answers that you deserve.

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In the following area please provide us with as much information as possible regarding the piece you are interested in having built.  Let us know the overall style (mission, country, etc), dimensions you are interested in, and setup of the piece such as number of drawers/doors.  If you found a picture of the piece you want on the internet please provide us with a link to the picture so that we can give a more accurate price on the item:

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If you have any additions to the above form please feel free to call us at 1-888-321-9663.  The more information we receive from you on the piece you are interested in, the better we can serve you and help your piece become reality.  Also, if you would rather send us pictures through regular mail, please send them to:
The Woodloft
138 S. Vine
Arthur, IL. 61911

All of the information entered above is used by us and only us unless directed by the customer in order to give more information on the Arthur area or if they want the newsletter.  No personal information is sold to outside organizations.